The Fury Shoal tour is characterized by a potpourri of various reef structures, such as small caves, reef blocks that are abundantly covered with vegetation, plateaus, canyons, coral gardens and drop offs. .

Not to mention the incredible variety of fish, which the Red Sea has to offer. Some people would prefer to dive the whole Red Sea in 7 days. Those are on this safari definitely out of place. Because this tour is characterized by short journeys and extensive dives. Who would believe the reefs on this tour may be a bit boring, is totally wrong. .

Mainly because there are many reefs between Marsa Alam and Hamata, which can not be reached during another tour, due to lack of time. Another advantage is, that in some exceptionally beautiful reef, two dives can be made and the divers will not hear: “Sorry, but we do not have time. Unfortunately we have to continue. ”

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