A wonderful tour for divers who love variety: Colorful coral gardens with schools of fish, breathtaking drop offs, reefs with cave passages, some wrecks and, not to forget the spectacular night dives. A blend of the best the Red Sea has to offer.

The varied reefs of St. John’s group lie far to the south, behind Port Berenice and belong to the largest reef plateau north of Port Sudan.

The spectacular underwater life here is worth the long journey. The reef walls bursting with life: Huge fan corals and soft corals, caves and overhangs belonging to here, as well as the in the northern Red Sea occurring hump head parrot fish with up to 1.80 meters in length!

Up to eight different species of sharks as fox shark, schools of hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks and even Longimani are spotted here on a regular basis. Beautiful overgrown reefs with plenty of “trinkets” provide variety to the spectacular “blue water dives”!

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